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Net shaped solar hanging

Brand : Feng Tai

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 20-30days

Supply capacity : 1000

Net shaped solar hanging by solar panels (photovoltaic panels), super bright LED lights (light source), maintenance-free rechargeable battery, control circuit, lamps and so on. Using solar energy to work when the Sun on the solar panels during the day, light energy into electrical energy storage in batteries, and consists of the battery during the night for lawn lamp LED (light emitting diodes) to provide power. Its main advantage is safe, energy-saving, convenient and environmentally friendly. Applicable to the residential community of grass landscaping lighting decorations, parks beautify the lawn ornament. Net shaped solar hanging is an independent power generation system. It is able to independently produce converts solar energy into electric energy and to convert electrical energy into heat energy for lighting and decorative use, without the need for wires of the transmission

Product advantages

1. New design, powered by solar energy, no AC or DC power, safe and convenient.

2. Net shaped solar hanging with environmental protection material, pollution-free;

3. No dangerous extension leads.

4. Net shaped solar hanging suitable for using in garden, bar, restaurant and any outdoor party.

5. High quality and reasonable price.

6. Installation is simple, practical and beautiful.

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