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Plastic solar umbrella lights

Brand : Feng Tai

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 50-60 days

Supply capacity : 3000000 Pieces per year

Plastic solar umbrella lights has a simple installation, waterproof sunscreen and so on. Products are widely used in roads, gardens, windows, shops, venue, stage and other places.


Brand Name: Feng Tai

Place of Origin: China

Size: 16*15

Lamp color: White

Lamp shape: Umbrella shape

lampshade material: Plastic

Battery: 1pc AAA 300MAH

Light source type: Led lights

The main scope of application: roads,gardens,shops other


Plastic solar umbrella lights is the use of solar power,lamps use efficient solar energy battery panels,can solar energy can be converted into electrical energy and stored in the built-in battery,for LED lights with the. Plastic solar umbrella lights have unique light control technology to ensure that the lamp in the daytime (light sufficient) automatic charging,in the evening (light is low) automatically lit.

Performance advantages:

1. Energy-saving: powered by the sun.

2. Use of long time, do not worry about rainy weather.

3. New environmentally friendly component materials: water-proof.

4. Fast and easy to install.

5. High-power high-brightness, no light failure, no flash frequency, no radiation.

6. Suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration,to improve the quality of your life.

We can give you the promise:

1. Really credible product information.

2. Good value for money quality.

3. Product species complete,one home have,not need to many home find,save your precious time, energy, money.

4. Invoice clear neat,convenient storage,archiving and check.

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