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Solar glass light bulb

Brand : Feng Tai

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 50-60 days

Supply capacity : 3000000 Pieces per year

Solar glass light bulb is a solid state semiconductor devices of electric energy translated into visible light, it can be directly converted to electric light.


Brand Name: Feng Tai

Place of Origin: China

Size: 8.5x8.5x16.7

Led color: Warm white

Beam angle: 360 degrees

Battery: 1pc 1/3 AAA 80MAH

Working Temperature(℃): 25 - 50
Input Voltage(V): 12V
Lamp Luminous efficiency (lm/w):100


Solar glass light bulbs is mainly dominated by high power white LED head lamp, with the maturity of technology,solar glass light bulbs will be in room lighting design and development of more and better development in the area, and fully reflect the energy, health, art and humanized lighting trends, become the dominant culture of indoor lighting.

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